English speech reflection

In english we had to write and present a speech on a quote from the movie Diary of a Wimpy Kid i chose to do “with great power comes great responsibility”

I was really nervous because I don’t usally like talking in front of a class. I messed up my words a bit and my speech went for 1 minute and 7 seconds when it was supposed to go for 2 minutes. I wasn’t quite complete so I need to be a bit more prepared.

I admitt it wasn’t the best I could do and I could improve on my talking and confidence.


1. My predictions were half successful. Things that suprised me was when the 2c coin, the sinker and the weight didnt attract to the magnet.

2. No not all metal objects attract to the magnet.

3.  No only metal objects were attracted.

4. The paper clip attracted the most strongly. It is made out of metal.


(a) like poles repel

(b) unlike poles attract

Start of High school

Start of High School:

I have enjoyed making new friends and the company of my friends.

My favourite subject so far is electronics because it’s fun soldiering and playing around with everything.

My favourite house activity so far is swimming sports.

I have 72 stamps, mainly from Bu my tute and Indonesian teacher.