Today in science we had to do 3 experiments on mixing and seperating.

On experiment A we had to mix a teaspoon of salt and a teaspoon in a watchglass and observe using a microscope.

You can seperate grains of salt and sand and a way to do this is to use a sifter and it would be easy because the salt grains are bigger then the sand grains.

On experiment B we had to mix flour in a test tube of water then shake it and observe what happens.

We found that the particles are visable in water and the flour particles float around then sink to the bottom. This is called a suspension.


On experiment C we had to mix oil and water shake it then observe. A little bit of bubbles went to the top and there was a layer of oil at the top.

After that we had to add detergant and a lot of bubble floated to the top. I took the cap off the test tube and tried to put it back on but it kept popping up.


Sugar Solutions

In science we had to see how many sugar cubes we could dissolve in water.

30*c got 11 sugar cubes dissolved

40*c got 8 dissolved same with 50*c

60*c had 19 sugar cubes dissolved in it

70*c got 21 dissolved

80*c dissolved 18.5 sugar cubes

90*c had 11 cubes of sugar dissolved but could of done more

A problem was that we ran out of sugar cubes