Our water comes from rivers and dams.

 1 Water is collected from rivers, dams or underground, and pumped   through pipes to where it is needed  
 2 Raw water from rivers is stored here to allow solid particles to   settle to the bottom  
 3 Special chemicals (called alum) are added to help impurities sink to   the bottom and be removed  

Option 1

Option 2

Special chemicals are added to float impurities to the surface, so   they can be removed This process makes impurities settle to the bottom so that they can   be removed  
 5 The water is filtered through different filters (eg: sand filter) to   clean the water  
 6 The pH of the water (how acidic it is)   is checked and adjusted to the proper level  
 7 The water is disinfected so that it is safe to drink (using chlorine   or other methods)  
 8 Clean drinking water is stored until it is needed by customers  

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